Why Reilly McGlashan Ran GS Skis In A Tech Contest

Why Reilly McGlashan Ran GS Skis In A Tech Contest

Enjoy this guest post by A-Team member Reilly McGlashan.


I MADE A BIG MISTAKE LAST WINTER!!! Not by choice, but because of work commitments. For the Hokkaido Technical Ski competition in Japan this past season, I didn’t get to train properly for it. I worked everyday from early December to the day before the competition. The season before when I was training for the comp I went freeskiing at night for myself, but this time I was too tired by the end of the day. I was fatigued and looking back I would say my legs were over trained just from work. On top of that I hadn’t even had one run on my GS skis, and it was a new radius I had never skied.

At the top of the run I was extremely nervous. It was the first run of the competition, and, I was skiing on skis I had never skied before. Obviously this was a stupid decision, but I didn’t really have any choice. I made it down, however the adjustments I had to make on the fly really tested my balance. “How fast do I need to go to move in the right amount?” I asked myself. I had no idea… So I just pushed off and hoped for the best, and here it is.

This is one of two runs I did on this ski in the competition. With close to 300 competitors most of the day is spent waiting at the top of the slope, and with my run schedule I didn’t have any time for practice. Keeping the muscles warm is an issue but also getting into the zone is really hard. So much sitting around I definitely spaced and was not in the right mind frame.

This is the Volkl 183cm 25m radius. Until this ski, I had only owned a 19m 180 rec GS. Even though I made it down, I definitely didn’t feel great skiing with no practice on them.

Every time I get a new ski, I like to gradually build up speed and feel it out. Next winter I won’t make the same mistake! I have the 188 27m ready to ski, and I will have to make time to ski it before the comp this year.

Looking back I have to laugh about it. In hindsight I should have just used my 180cm 19m ski that I have done many runs on.

After the season in Japan, I was able to freeski on these skis in Europe. Once I got the timing for them they quickly became my favorite ski for short turns and long turns. I look forward to using them next month back in zie alps!

Anyone else had a similar experience with jumping into the deep end with totally different equipment?



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