Ski Boot Footbeds in 2017

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Ski Boot Footbeds in 2017

What do the A-Team members have in their ski boots?

One of our members asked me what the A-Teamers were using as far as footbeds in their ski boots. So, I
posed the question to them all and found out that there is not a lot of consensus amongst the Team:

Stefano Belingheri is using the factory stock, foam footbeds that come in his Nordica’s.

Nadine Grunenfelder is another proponent of the stock, foam footbeds.

Paul Lorenz: “Just the stock foam insole. I have reasonably flat and symmetrical feet. No real grinding or
punching required. I use the canting adjustments to cant the boot to best suit my tib/fib column and
also use angled plates or tape between the plate and boot to align the base/sole of the boot.”

Reilly McGlashan uses a custom-fit, soft insole in his Dalbello’s.

Andreas Spettel and Jon Ahlsen both use the Orthomove, custom fitted footbeds. The front is soft but
the back 2/3’s is firm. Actually Andreas did the fitting on Jon’s footbeds. Jon likes these because they are
covered with a Merino wool that helps keep his “always cold” feet warm.

Guy Hetherington said the following: “I use a Surefoot custom footbed that I have had for 15 years. It is
made from their trademark firm but pliable rubber and milled out of a solid block based a digital
interpretation of the sole. I am not completely sold on this method, but this particular set of
beds works well for me. I have attempted to convert to the thinner (less rigid) option of Conformable,
but I always come back to the Surefoot beds. I guess I am a creature of habit!”

Jf Beaulieu: “On my side, I use custom footbeds made by a Podiatrist. The company that fitted my ski
boots is Fit Lab.”

Alexander Taugwalder: “I use a firm, custom footbed made by the bootclinique of HEAD Switzerland.”

Jon Ballou: “In some of my boots I use a minimalist, custom foot bed by a company called Bootech. I
like them because their method is scientifically based, and they are minimalist. In my primary boot, I use
a very thin generic carbon fiber food bed by a company called Agility.”

Tom Gellie: “I use a custom insole but it is completely flat. The only reason I use a custom flat one instead of the
stock manufacturer insole is because the surface material is more grippy.  Because my foot is not rigidly stuck from a custom footbed I have to do quite a lot of boot work to allow for the space my medial malleolus, navicular and big toe to not be compressed. This means punching and grinding to get a more customized fit. I also cut quite a bit of material away from my liners to help allow the foot bones to be mobile and go through their ranges of motion needed for balanced efficient

There you go. Like I said at the outset, no clear direction from this lot.



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