Why Not Start Planning for Next Season?

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Why Not Start Planning for Next Season?

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By Frédérik Lépine, kinesiologist and CSIA Level 4 Course Conductor
Ski season has just ended and we’ve barely had time to put our equipment away. We have about six months before the next season, so there’s plenty of time for planning. But since everything is still fresh in our memory, it’s useful to assess our last ski season based on last year’s objectives. To do so, we need to look at the entire season overall and determine whether we reached these objectives. This article focuses on evaluating individual physical factors for the purpose of improving technical elements. Here are two questions to ask yourself in order to better organize your process.

1-Was my physical preparation in the fall enough to reach my ski objectives?

It’s essential to maintain an optimal level of physical activity to keep fit throughout the year. Three or four weekly sessions ranging between 50 and 70 minutes, aimed at achieving a balance between cardio, strength and flexibility training, are recommended. In addition, it’s a good idea to include daily physical activities not related to performance, like taking a walk on your lunch break. Most of all, it’s strongly recommended that you begin preparing specifically for downhill skiing early in September, to have at least 12 weeks of preparation.

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2-Did I notice any physical limitations that prevented me from reaching a higher skiing level?

Following your fall physical preparation and your ski season, what physical characteristics inhibited your performance? For starters, were you injured, or did you notice any physical restrictions? If so, now is the time to resolve the problem so you can recover and heal over the summer. Secondly, assess your physical condition. Defining your strengths and weaknesses will require assessing certain aspects of your physical condition, such as body composition, cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and flexibility.

In conclusion, take a moment to take stock. It will enable you to better plan your physical activities over the summer. In the June issue of skipromag.com, I will suggest some physical activities to help you reach your top physical condition for next winter.


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